"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."

                                                                                                                                                                                                 --Benjamin Franklin

At Inside Chicago Walking Tours, we have created and carry out our highly effective teaching philosophy following Benjamin Franklin's wise and timeless advice.  Referring to it as our "Three E" approach, we seek first and foremost to engage students, as without engagement, there is no hope for learning.  Learning happens on our tours in a fun, lively way, challenging students to use their own perspectives, contexts, and imagination to enrich their understanding of (and participation in) the world around them.

So what is the "Three E" approach?



Hillary, Owner and Tour Guide, speaks to each of the students, directly challenging them and inviting them to develop a curiosity about what they see around them.  Tours feature:

  • Enlightening stories that fascinate and appeal to kids & teens
  • Exciting, fun facts and figures that spark students’ curiosity
  • Appealing, age-appropriate presentation of information
  • Instructive and interactive stories and tidbits
  • Allotted time for “questions and answers” with their guide


What students learn on this tour will enrich their appreciation for many other subjects, including math, science, history, and art.  An experienced teacher, Hillary aims to teach “beyond the tour,” fostering a deeper understanding of what students encounter every day.  Students will:

  • Be introduced to several major architectural styles
  • Be acquainted with famous Chicago architects
  • Marvel at different building shapes, structures, and designs
  • Appreciate the historical context for architects’ work


Hillary, a former improv comedy performer and coach, excels at selecting, articulating, and presenting information: she quickly and easily gauges students’ mood and interests, and adapts her presentation to keep the learning process exciting.  Students will:

  • Learn facts and stories in a memorable, exciting way
  • Use their imaginations to look through different eyes
  • Join in a collective and fun group learning experience
  • Enjoy finding their own favorite parts of the city they see
  • Be encouraged to “follow the fun” in learning!


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