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Hire Hillary as a Tour Guide for your Private Boat or Bus Tour!

With nearly a decade of experience in the tourism industry in Chicago, and more than a decade's worth of teaching and improv comedy experience, Hillary is the ideal person to entertain your guests on your next chartered boat or bus trip!  Whether it's a corporate outing, a family reunion, a wedding party, or any other form of private charter occasion, Hillary is the best guide to impress, engage, and entertain your guests.  

Who would you rather have teaching you about Chicago's skyline and amazing riverfront architecture?  A scripted docent who's paid hourly and doesn't know much beyond the script?  Or an engaging, entertaining, and highly knowledgeable guide who knows and loves her city so much, she started a small business just to be able to teach in her own way about it?  Hillary can cater to any crowd's age, background, and interests, and she teaches about Chicago in a highly effective, memorable, and contextual way.

Tons of Boat Tour Experience

Hillary actually started her career in Chicago tourism as a river tour guide ("docent," as they call them on the boats), and quickly won the respect and admiration of her colleagues and supervisors.  After a few years of guiding architecture river and lake tours for one of the biggest boat tour companies in town, Hillary was offered a full-time position as Head of Product Development — a position the nearly century-old company created just for her in order to use her skill set  to a greater and more profitable degree.  She then hired and trained numerous guides for that company, serving as an integral part of the launch of a new and very popular dock at the base of the Magnificent Mile (Michigan Avenue), and created updated, engaging audio guides for this large boat tour company to use on their lake tours and in their foreign language tour app.  Though she obviously LOVES doing walking tours, Hillary was "born" as a tour guide on the Chicago River, and welcomes any opportunity to share her love of the city from a boat!

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