Public VS. Private Tour:  Which one should you do?

Depending on when you'll be visiting and how much you'd like to control your experience, you might prefer to book a private tour with Hillary vs. a public tour in a group.

Public tour group


Our popular, award-winning public tours vary from as few as two people to as many as twenty, depending on the time of the season and weather conditions.  They last 2 to 2.5 hours, generally cover 1.5 miles, and explore the exteriors and interiors of a carefully selected variety of buildings, and are led by either company founder, Hillary, or by one of her highly trained guides. Prices are $25 to $40 per person.



Our celebrated private tours are all led by company founder, Hillary, who is the powerful creative force behind Inside Chicago Walking Tours.  Some guests prefer to book private tours with her in order to ensure that they see as much as they can in a limited time frame, or in order to be able to adapt their tour to their specific interests.  Tour content varies indefinitely depending on guests' interests, for example:  doing one of our public tour routes for a private group; customizing the experience completely and combining bits and pieces of several public tour routes; going completely off the public-tour-route content grid and exploring other neighborhoods.  Prices are based on a group-size basis for 2-hour chunks of time, starting at $250 for up to 5 people.  Some customers who plan to travel in groups prefer the private tour option as it ends up being roughly what they would have paid for a public tour, and they get the added benefit of customization of content specifically for them.

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