A unique combination of Chicago sites in one tour — Chicago by boat and on foot!

You cannot simply put something new into a place. You have to absorb what you see around you....
— Tadao Ando

About This Tour Route...

This tour route is a unique, fun way to experience Chicago in the best ways possible: by boat on the Chicago River and on foot through one of Chicago’s many history-packed neighborhoods. Inside Chicago Walking Tours calls these new tours “Surf & Turf” tours because you don’t have to worry about choosing a boat tour OR a walking tour: we’re finally giving you both in ONE tour!

So how will this new 2.5-hour tour look? Well…

First, you’ll take part in the most popular tourist activity in Chicago by jumping on a boat with your guide, and you’ll enjoy breathtaking views along the Chicago River for a half hour, starting at the point where it all began — the homestead of Chicago's founding father, Jean-Baptiste Pointe du Sable. Whereas on the Chinatown Surf & Turf Tour, we’ll head south on the river, on this tour, we’ll head north, to explore one of Chicago’s oldest and most storied neighborhoods, River North.

At the end of the boat portion of this tour, you’ll go beyond what most tourists experience with a typical boat tour: you’ll LEAVE the boat with your guide to continue the rest of your tour on foot in one of Chicago’s most interesting areas, River North. Layered with a fascinating history of early settlers, saints, immigrants, gangsters, and workers, this area — home to the Magnificent Mile — is nowadays a very posh area, filled with great restaurants, hotels, nightlife, shops, and high-rise condo buildings. Inside Chicago Walking Tours will lead you on an exploration of both the well-known and lesser-known parts of this exciting neighborhood, teaching you not only about Chicago architecture and history along the way, but also about the famous and infamous characters who walked these streets!

Come on our newest, most exciting, and most unique tour yet! Let Inside Chicago Walking Tours put their expertise and know-how about the best ways to experience Chicago to use for you, and join us in exploring the best parts of Chicago by boat and on foot! No need to purchase extra tickets for the boat — they’re provided in your ticket price!

On this UNIQUE New tour, you will:

  • Get the best views of Chicago’s world-famous architecture by cruising down the Chicago River;

  • Learn about some of Chicago’s most famous and infamous characters who called this area home;

  • See the interior of a grand cathedral, where Al Capone’s own rival used to sing as a choir boy;

  • Discover the layered history of this fascinating neighborhood, from utter poverty to absolute wealth;

  • Much, much more!


  • Please refer to Tour Schedule for availability & booking!

  • Tours last 2.5 hours

  • Tours cover ~1.5 miles on foot, and nearly 3 miles by boat!

  • Ticket prices:

    • $40 general admission (ages 11 and up)

    • $35 children (ages 4-10) and seniors (65+)

    • Free for children 3 and under.

  • Runs rain or shine, unless otherwise noted.

  • Starting point given with ticket purchase. Check your ticket!

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