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Here's a detailed list of tour meeting points:

NOTE: Please always refer to your ticket confirmation for any changes in meeting locations for tours! The following meeting points are applicable for most of our tour dates; however, due to the occasional downtown marathon or festival, we do have to adjust meeting points a few times throughout the season. PLEASE CHECK YOUR TICKET!


The World Within (Dazzling Interiors of the Loop)
Meet at the Franklin Street entrance to the Willis (Sears) Tower.  We meet OUTSIDE the entrance.  If it is raining or too cold, you may wait inside the lobby, but be sure to be on the lookout for your guide, who will have either a teal Inside Chicago t-shirt or a blue Inside Chicago jacket (depending on weather!).  Your guide will be Hillary or Adam.

Look Up, Look Down (Exploring the Heights & Depths of a City)
Meet in front of the famous Wrigley Building, located at 4oo N. Michigan Ave.  There is a large plaza there overlooking the Chicago River, and your guide will meet you near the front door of this building, in front of the Ghirardelli store that’s in this building, facing this plaza.  Your guide will be Adam.

Create Your Own Architecture Tour (An Exciting, Improvised Tour Experience)
We will meet in front of the famous Picasso sculpture in Daley Plaza, located at 50 West Washington.  Your guide will be Hillary.

The Original Surf & Turf Tour (A Combination Boat AND Walking Tour!)
We will meet in the Plaza of the Americas, a plaza on Michigan Avenue between the Wrigley Building (410 N. Michigan Ave.) and the Realtor Building (430 N. Michigan Ave.). This plaza is recognizable from the statue of Benito Juarez in the middle, surrounded by flower beds and flags.  Your guide will be Hillary or Adam.

Chicago After Dark (Secret Gardens, Live Music, and Fireworks!)
We will meet in front of Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel, located at 221 N. Columbus Drive. It is in the famous Aqua building, with a blue covered door that leads into the lobby of the hotel. We will meet on the sidewalk just outside the front entrance to the hotel, next to this blue covered door.

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