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    As a reminder, our tours at a glance:

    • You will go INSIDE a handful of buildings on nearly every route (rare exceptions are indicated in tour descriptions), and the buildings are unique to each route;
    • Your tour will last 2 hours, and cover one and a half miles at a leisurely pace;
    • You will stay within the fascinating and historical center of the city (the Loop and River North), within easy distance of most hotels;
    • You will learn about architecture and history in a highly dynamic, engaging, and context-based way that sticks with you;
    • You'll be given great opportunities for photos that are very different from what most tourists get;
    • You'll enjoy tours that are ALL created by Hillary, company founder and head tour guide, based on her own exploration of the city and her never-ending (and very nerdy) research.  She is extremely passionate about showing you Chicago like you've never seen it!

    2018 Tour Schedule

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